St. Nicholas Choir

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Currently rehearsing:

Great Lent:

  • Now the Powers (Mode 1 - Presanctified Liturgy)
  • Epi si heri (Liturgy of St. Basil - Sundays of Lent)
  • Sunday of Orthodoxy Apolytikion
  • Great Prokeimenon for Sunday of Orthodox

Holy Week

  • Lamentations for Holy Friday
  • Apolytikion of Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ("Behold, the Bridegroom comes..."


  • Apolytikion: Christos Anesti/Christ is Risen
  • Kontakion of Pascha
  • Paschal Stichera of Orthros

Plagal 4th Divine Liturgy

Sheet music for the Plagal 4th Divine Liturgy may be found here. Recordings follow. 

Cherubic Hymn (Fr. Seraphim Dedes)

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: A mercy of peace (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: And with your spirit (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: We lift them up (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: It is proper and right (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: Holy, Holy, Holy (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Anaphora: We Praise You (Fr. Paul Lundberg)

Megalynarion: It Is Truly Right (Fr. Paul Lundberg)