Gala 2019: Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am honored and excited to serve as the Gala 2019 Chair and work with a team of all-stars to raise funds for our Narthex Restoration Project. This inaugural Event is our opportunity to come closer together, to strengthen bonds, and with enthusiasm and unrelenting determination to make a difference together for the future of our Faith.

Our theme, GREECE: Timeless Expressions, Abundant Joy best interprets the Project 2020 Steering Committee’s vision. Gala 2019 is meant to be a culinary, musical and literary journey, a celebration of life and togetherness. Our goal is to create a sensory experience with scrumptious food, amazing wine and engaging music that will delight and enchant. With tables named after Greek luminaries -nobel laureates, composers and performers- we hope to impassion you and spark your interest to learn more about our love for this church, our generosity of heart, our philoxenia, and what our Greek culture exemplifies in the Tacoma Community and beyond.

The idea for this pioneering and ambitious Gala solidified as the result of the P2020 Committee’s faith and confidence in this parish, and in our community. To all engaged in the fundraising effort, the restoration of the Narthex is deeply personal. St. Nicholas is our church. It was built almost 100 years ago by Greek immigrants putting down roots in the Tacoma area. It was their spiritual home, much the same way it is ours today. Over decades, St. Nicholas has served as our cultural center, preserving and upholding our Greek values and traditions.

With pride and joyous hearts, we welcome you to Gala 2019! With passion and humility, we hope to showcase our lustrous heritage, use this Event as a cultural conduit that bonds us with friends and community, and with your support raise the remaining 120K needed for Project 2020.

I offer my deep appreciation and gratitude to our Cornerstone Contributors, our Sponsors, our Volunteers and to all of you for your love, engagement and unfailing support.


Fenia Mavromichali
Gala 2019 Chair