Gala 2019: Menu

Drawing inspiration from the award winning movie Politiki Kouzina (A Touch of Spice, 2003), our culinary journey is an ode to our colorful ethnological tapestry and will pay homage to the cuisine of Constantinople and Marmara, birthplaces of some of the immigrants who helped build our church and establish our parish.

The main entrée — a variety plate of Pastitsio, Smyrneika Soutzoukakia, Greek loukaniko and a seasonal vegetable — aims to introduce authentic flavors and tastes that will make us ruminate and reminisce about our predecessors and our rich and storied cultural heritage. Expect the sweet and provoking aroma of cinnamon and the warming fragrant quality of buttery cumin to tantalize and seduce your taste buds. Traditional (paradosiakoi) Greek and Asia Minor Mezedes (appetizers) will be on each table for guests to enjoy before the main entrée.

Project 2020 cornerstone contributor and wine aficionado Dr. Frederick Ehret has carefully curated and graciously donated the white and red wines to accompany the meal.