Vitos Scholarship

Nicholas and Mary Vitos Memorial Scholarship Committee

2019 Application Update

For over 40 years, members of the St. Nicholas parish family and other ministries of the Greek Orthodox Church have been blessed by the vision and generosity of Nicholas and Mary Vitos as they so lovingly shared both in life and through the provisions of their estates. The Nicholas and Mary Vitos Memorial Scholarship program is one example of their generosity. A short biography of Mr. Vitos and a brief history of his philanthropic work can be found below.

With grateful remembrance of our benefactors, the Vitos Scholarship Committee is beginning the last phase of the scholarship program established according to the provisions of Mr. Vitos’s will. The provisions of Mr. Vitos’s will included a timeframe for ending the scholarship program funded by his generous gift. There are now three years remaining in the scholarship program, and these last three years are dedicated to renewal scholarships. This means that for 2019, only applications from 2018 Vitos Scholarship recipients can be accepted for scholarship renewal consideration.

The 2019 scholarship application and information are available on this page, and renewal applications are due by April 15, 2019.

We are privileged to serve you and the memory of Nicholas and Mary Vitos by fulfilling Mr. Vitos’s vision for this scholarship program to the best of our ability. May their memories be eternal!

Ronnie-Sue Johnson, Vitos Scholarship Committee Chair

2019 Vitos scholarship

Scholarship Applications and information are now available. Candidates may complete the application, and materials must be mailed to St. Nicholas and post-marked no later than April 15, 2019. Late or hand-delivered applications will not be accepted. No Exceptions.

Download the application to see the full criteria and directions. 

About Nicholas Vitos and the Vitos Scholarship

Mr. Nicholas Vitos is often called a “Great Benefactor” of Saint Nicholas. Indeed, many have benefited from his generosity, not only at St. Nicholas, but throughout the Metropolis of San Francisco.

From humble beginnings as a young immigrant, Mr. Vitos was aware of the struggles of the unprivileged. To that end, the Nicholas and Mary Vitos Scholarship was established, so that deserving and promising Orthodox young men and women would not want for training and education for their life’s work. In keeping with Mr. Vitos’ vision and dedication to the church which he loved so much, he stipulated that the scholarship bearing his name would awarded to deserving young people of the St. Nicholas Parish Community who demonstrate dedication to God and His Holy Church, academic excellence, and financial need. The purpose of this application and the Scholarship Committee is to ensure that Mr. Vitos’ request will be carried out to the best of our ability.

Mr. Vitos will always be remembered as a man of principle, conviction, and love for Christ’s Church. May his memory and legacy be eternal!