Our vision for Project 2020

After 90 years in existence, our church building is in dire need of major repairs and renovation to support our community’s growth now and in the years to come. We must address these critical building issues if St. Nicholas is to remain the spiritual, cultural, and community home that our predecessors built it to be.  

Project 2020 will focus on a renovation of the Narthex, but for our community, it is an undertaking that represents so much more. 

At a time when people leave their churches, we are blessed to be growing in faith and in numbers. Each of us may have different reasons for calling St. Nicholas our spiritual home, but what makes us one family is that we all want and need St. Nicholas to be the place where we find communion with God and each other. Project 2020 is about preserving and nurturing our faith and our cultural heritage for generations to come, starting with a renovation of the space that welcomes all of us--members and visitors alike--into this spiritual home. Through the Narthex renovation, we can glorify God and convey the grace, love, growth, and energy that He has granted our community. St. Nicholas is our church, and Project 2020 is an opportunity to answer our calling to be stewards of our faith and our church home.

Latest updates

August 2019: Narthex Renovation Q&A, plus an updated renovation rendering.
Note: An updated display is available in the lower hall of the church, and parishioners are encouraged to review it during coffee hour.

Upcoming schedule of information to the parish

September 13, 2019: Deadline to offer comments and input on the Narthex renovation design. See details and submit comments here.

September 15, 2019: Next Project 2020/Narthex Renovation Townhall to follow Divine Liturgy.

October 20, 2019: Final Project 2020/Narthex Renovation Townhall.

Projected Costs

P2020 Costs.png

Projected Timeline

Project Leadership

Project 2020 is a community effort. Various pre-design and cost studies done over the last five years or so have primarily been approved by the Parish Council and performed by the Building Committee. All major renovations over the last several years have been brought to a General Assembly and approved by the parish. The Narthex renovation follows the same general pattern. A Project 2020 Steering Committee has been formed to facilitate and advise on the Narthex renovation because of the fundraising effort needed and the length of time it will take to implement such a campaign.

The Project 2020 Steering Committee includes the following members:

  • Father Seraphim: Spiritual Leader, Metropolis Liaison, Architectural Review

  • Andrew Primis: Steering Committee Chair and Project Spokesperson

  • Dr. Nick Themelis: Liturgical and Architectural Review

  • Christina Leinneweber: Treasurer and Financial Reporting

  • Rebecca Primis: Director of Communications

  • Fenia Mavromichali: Director of Fundraising Strategy and Operations

  • Bill Acker: Construction Design, Permitting, and Contract Administration

Learn More

For more details about Faith in Our Future for the Future of Our Faith, please review our informational booklet or visit our FAQ page

How You Can Help

While there are many different creative options that could be funding sources, we cannot expect for Project 2020 to be paid for without each of us engaging as members of a family and contributing what we can to the calling at hand. This is going to take a full parish effort, so we invite you to become our partners and to join us in moving this project forward. 

Make a Financial Commitment

All St. Nicholas parishioners are invited to fill out a pledge card and donate what they are comfortably able to give. The pledge cards give us a general idea of what we can expect to raise over the next two years and help us approximate our progress toward the overall fundraising goal.

On average, if each St. Nicholas steward gave $100/month for two years, we could raise most of the funds we need.

Download a pledge card here.

Completed pledge cards may be returned by hand to a member of the Project 2020 Steering Committee or by mail:

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
1523 S Yakima Ave
Tacoma, WA 98405

Pledged contributions can be made online or by check or cash. 

Buy a Brick

Approximately 6,000 bricks will be needed to finish the Narthex exterior. Parishioners and visitors can buy a brick for $5 and help us construct a Narthex exterior that is beautiful and inviting to our community. Bricks may be purchased on Sunday at the candle stand in the Narthex. Please see the Parish Council member on duty to purchase your brick and get your sticker. 

Get Involved

Inquire, become informed, and in turn, inform others.

If you have inspirational ideas, please share them. Any Project 2020 Committee member would be grateful to hear your concerns, ideas, or inspirations.